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Case Studies

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eBay logo

eBay Authenticator & eBay Vault

Authentication platform, warehouse management system, RFID tracking system, fulfillment system integration, data warehouse

Our work with eBay is a testament to our expertise delivering innovative and high-quality custom software solutions. We successfully developed and implemented multiple solutions that have significantly improved eBay's performance, operations, and customer experience.

Our custom-developed authenticator software utilizes a series of strict processes to verify the authenticity of each high-value item, resulting in increased customer trust and satisfaction.

Our warehouse management software improved the efficiency and accuracy of eBay's logistics and inventory management processes, enabling their customers to receive their products faster.

Our vault management software was specifically designed to meet the needs of eBay's high-value items, such as collectibles and valuable merchandise. The software ensures that these items are stored and handled properly, providing an added layer of security and protection.

Finally, our sneakers authentication application identifies counterfeit products on the platform. By using advanced image recognition and machine learning algorithms, the application can accurately identify and authenticate sneakers, providing a valuable service for both buyers and sellers.

Lucky Brand Jeans logo

eCommerce Ecosystem

Ecommerce platform, System integration, Data Warehouse, Order management System

Our partnership with Lucky Brand showcases our extensive experience building and maintaining ecommerce websites with custom features that enhance the user experience and increase conversion rates.

In addition to ecommerce, we also developed and implemented the company's ERP system, automations, and system integrations resulting in increased efficiency, reduction in manual errors, improved data management, and streamlined communication and data sharing between departments. 

Overall, our portfolio with Lucky Brand showcases our proven track record of delivering high-quality software solutions that drive business growth, improve the online presence, and streamline internal operations.

Smart Waste Management Collection

Fleet management, dispatching system, RFID tracking system, and accounting integration

One of the most innovative companies in the waste management industry needed to build a specialized ERP system for their Smart Collection contracts. We designed, developed, and deployed a fully customized platform for every stage of the garbage collection process, enabling them to manage, track, and bill more efficiently and effectively.

With our custom solutions, the organization established itself as one of the top recognized service providers in their region and they are now eligible to apply on any waste management contract that requires Smart Collection, which is increasingly becoming the standard.

Digital Transformation

D2C platform, B2B portal, Netsuite Integration, Custom Bridal CRM, and Partner Program Mobile App

The renowned Amsale Group, one of the world’s leading luxury bridal houses, needed to perform a rapid digital transformation to survive. The retail apocalypse had plagued their traditional sales partners and they needed to add a Direct-to-Consumer channel to their business model to prosper in our modern, fast-paced digital world.

CodeBoxx Solutions migrated Amsale away from Magento to Shopify in just 6 weeks. Afterwards, we integrated both B2B and D2C experiences with our Bridal-Specialized CRM, integrated Netsuite, and launched their Partner Program Mobile App.

Amsale not only started selling directly to customers, but also rebuilt bridges with retailers and wholesalers, ushering in a new phase of their business.

Humania Assurance MD logo

Digitalization Initiative

Develop, support, and maintain their operational platform

Humania Assurance, a large Canadian insurance business, wanted to move forward in digitalization but did not have the internal IT resources available to execute in the time required. They consulted with CodeBoxx to provide a turnkey development team, including a senior developer and six junior developers. Within 4 months, this dedicated team designed and delivered a customized client platform that addressed their digitalization objectives.


At project completion, all six CodeBoxx Solutions junior developers on the project team were hired by the client.

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